My Cycling Story

I have been told  I should put something of my cycling background  on this site, so reluctantly,  here is a little bit about me and my cycling story…....

From the moment I had my first 2-wheeler and could wobble down the pavement, I was hooked. Down to the playing fields, round to my friends, into the woods. I rode my first bike until the tyres wore right through! My cycling adventure had started.

At secondary school, Loughborough Grammar School,  there was a cycling club and we used to go on tours and the occasional ESCA races. When was 14 my family  moved to SolihulI. I joined Solihull Cycling Club and that was it. I decided cycle racing was everything and it was my focus for the next 10 years, with some success. I raced for Solihull CC for 4 years, then joined Keighley Road Club when I went to University. I raced every possible event I could find, all year round; road racing and cyclo-cross being my real passions. Within a few years I was living the cycling dream; representing Great Britain on the road and cyclo-cross, going over to race in Belgium and Holland at weekends, cycling for a  French team ASPTT St. Brieuc  in the Summer, and mixing it with past and future Tour riders.

When I was 24 I moved to London, got a serious job and sold all my bikes. For me it was all or nothing. If I couldn't race at the highest level then that was it. Work and family  took over. That was until, many years later, out of the blue my wife bought me a mountain bike for my Birthday, and then a road bike at Christmas. ( I'd moved back to the dark side!)

A couple of cycling  trips to Europe and joining a cycling club again, Marlow Riders,  had reignited the passion. And now cycling is  everything again. They say life goes round in circles!

And when I can combine cycling  with Kefalonia, that’s my idea of heaven!

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