Our Story.

"That lightbulb moment!"

My wife Sarah has always had a passion for the Greek islands, and wanted to spend more  time there.  Many visits to Kefalonia confirmed this was a special place. But  not  being one for spending all my time lying in the sun, I was looking for something more.

Then, on  one  of our visits,  we came across a couple of roadies swooping down a  mountain road towards the sea.  And suddenly a little  light came on in my head. Without realising it I had stumbled across cycling paradise!

As we drove around, there were no monuments to cycling champions  from the past, and  no iconic names painted on the roads. But that didn't matter. Because there was just mile after mile of open road, and  jaw dropping beauty all around. We now spend more and more of our time in Kefalonia, addicted to its natural beauty. Hopefully you'll join us to see why.
''I soon discovered the many logistical problems of cycling in Kefalonia, and realized that solving them could open up a great new  cycling destination.  And so Cycling Kefalonia was born.''
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