Responsible Travel Policy.

Policy Aims.

If, like us, you have a passion for cycling, and want to ride in the most spectacular location, you will love cycling in Kefalonia. Whilst challenging yourself in this breath-taking landscape, our aim is to share the highpoints of this beautiful island with you.

We want to share with you the mountains, forests, meadows, unique species of trees, wild horses, turtles, fortresses, monasteries, wind mills, mythology, amazing geological features.  Add to that the quiet roads with virtually no traffic, smooth surfaces and mountain climbs, we hope to show you why we think  this is cycling paradise.

Our prices are inclusive of transfers, accommodation, all meals, guiding and support. There are no hidden extras. We aim to give you a cycling experience to remember in this amazing location.


Environmental responsibility.

Cycling by its very nature is low carbon and environmentally friendly. But we go the extra mile (Pun alert!). In our office we operate virtually paper free. On the island we cut vehicle journeys to a minimum. Food and meals are locally produced from local ingredients reducing their carbon footprint. We don’t use any bottled water on rides unless in an emergency. We collect all our rubbish and recycle everything we can. We make sure cyclists don’t throw anything away. The hotels we say in collect rainwater for use in bathrooms, automatically turn off the power when rooms are unoccupied, and most of the electricity on the island is solar or wind powered. We don’t engage in activities that damage the environment and ask our clients to be responsible in this regard.


Social Responsibility.

This is a small group tour with a maximum of 20 participants, and we cycle in groups of no more than 10. We therefore have a low impact on the environment and communities we visit, and this ensures we do not disrupt or disturb local people. The small number also allows us to stay and eat in unique, family run establishments, and to give a personal individual service.

We have a very good relationship with the local people. They are genuinely happy to see cyclists, and the drivers are very considerate and careful. We aim to keep it that way. We instruct clients to be respectful and we'll keep this place a cycling haven. We encourage cyclists not to take risks, not to go speeding through villages or past junctions. And if they see pedestrians or animals to give them plenty of space and be courteous at all times.

We aim to give clients an insight into this unique place, its culture, history, landscape and natural world, and encourage them to get to know the local people. We hope that they too will understand how special Kefalonia is, and then return. We are as passionate about Greece and the Greek people as we are about cycling. And attempt to put this across loud and clear in everything we do.


Economic Responsibility.

For airport transfers we use a local person. For bike hire, bike repairs and bike assembly on arrival we use a local mechanic. We use local people unless there is no other alternative.

We only use accommodation and eat at restaurants that are family owned and run by the Kefalonian proprietor. Any food for snacks or lunches are sourced at local stores, and all fresh food is grown locally.

We try to visit places off the beaten track as much as possible. It’s not only more interesting but helps support more people.

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