The Island

"Kefalonia;  A jewel in the Ionian Sea."

Skirted by the  turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia  sits gleaming like a jewel. You'll never see water so crystal clear, and just so, so blue. The views across Ithaca to  the mainland are vast. The sheer scale of the landscape is awe inspiring .

But there is much more to Kefalonia then that;  mountains, forests, meadows, unique species of trees, wild horses, turtles, fortresses, monasteries, wind mills, mythology, amazing geological features; Things you wouldn’t associate with Greece that make  Kefalonia so special. Homer spoke of his wine dark sea, a phrase that needs no translation once  experienced. Everywhere there are views that will take your breath away, and  mountain roads that will just, well…… take your breath away!

Kefalonia  is  the most westerly part of Greece, and occupying a strategic place in the Mediterranean, has always played a leading role in the area.  Archealogical remains show humans inhabited Kefalonia since the  Mycenaean age and  has been occupied over the centuries  by the Romans, Venetians,Turks, Russians, Normans, French, and British. This gives Kefalonia its unique mix of history and architecture. Historic buildings from many eras litter the countryside. And the fact that it was never part of the Ottoman Empire gives it its unique character from the rest of Greece.

Add all this to the awesome  scenery and you’ve got quite a potent mix!

"If you’re as passionate about cycling as  we are,  and want a challenge in the most spectacular of  locations, then give us a call."

Non Cycling Partners.
There is plenty to do on Kefalonia for non cyclists, so if you have a non cycling partner who wants to come, just let us know. Around Fiscardo and within walking distance, there are beautiful beaches, tavernas to relax in, archaeological sites, amazing views and sparkling sea in which to swim. There are also marked walking routes,  sea kayaking, and diving, and boat trips to other islands are also available. There are also walking routes in other parts of the island and many other attractions . Kefalonia is not just a cycling paradise.
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